Modern Relax chair with stool in rattan synthetics

15 August 2017
Modern Relax chair with stool in rattan synthetics

Outdoor Relax chair with stool in rattan synthetics.


Leo's relax chair is one of the relax chairs in Wisanka modern outdoor collection that launched in 2017. This relax chair has a very attractive design and also designed in accordance with the needs and of course with the size and function to relax after a day of work.


The first original of relax chair, is a relax chair without stool. However, because there is a special request from one of our buyers, we modify it with stool. Which you can see the view of this relax chair from the front position, side and rear which is equipped with cushion holder and pillow to add more comfort when occupied.


The size of this relaxed seat is H70 * W67 * D67cm. This relax chair, equipped with stool with size H30 * W60 * D40cm. Height 30 cm here, including the height of the cushion. The cushion /pads are made parallel to its height with its relax chair. The frame of this chair is a round aluminum pipe material. Then finished with black powder coating paint. For packaging can be with single face or with carton box.


One of strengthens on this relax chairs is because of the design and also the material type. It looks modern design that resemble and have a look like the original material that is water hyacinth. We know that water hyacinth has been very popular in recent years, as furniture materials are processed with several gradual processes including: cutting, drying and then made like a rope to be plated with furniture’s frame inside.


Indeed, the appearance of wicker water hyacinth made from synthetics, can be used for outdoor use. The attraction of this water hyacinth synthetic material, still you can get a very strong natural impression. The look of this relax chair is a very unique and ethnic element, although the material is synthetic. Not real natural / original.


This relax chair, as if it has an unofficial character and impression, the most suitable location to place this chair is a space that is more often used to relax such as: terrace, front yard, veranda, or open balcony is also very fitting. You can use while reading books, enjoying the outdoor atmosphere while doing light activities such as singing, joking with your family members.


This Leo relax chair is our new product in Wisanka's modern outdoor unit. We hope the presence of this chair can be our flagship. Because this chair design is very simple, elegant and ethnic.


Immediately contact us if you are interested in getting this unique and exotic seats, we offer you an attractive price to get it you can directly contact us for price negotiations and others about materials or other related to our products. We will serve you wholeheartedly and we are open to you all.


Happy shopping and immediately enjoy our Leo relax chair with stool soon…….


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