"Vanessa Trolley"

06 June 2017
“Vanessa trolley".
For outdoor products made of aluminum casting with teak wood, we have product trolley. In the outdoor unit, we have a collection of Vanessa trolley. The function of the trolley is to move the goods from place to place.  In this case, the item can be a food/drink/medicine dedicated to the consumer/guest to be more accessible, timely and efficient. Food trolley is the best choice for the needs of the restaurant, hospitals, airlines, hotels, and so on.

For item Vanessa trolley made from aluminium casting with teak wood, herewith the following product update as information ; For the size of the trolley H84cm * W 85cm * D54 cm. Vanessa trolley has 3 wooden shelves. The top section first, then the Middle shelf and bottom shelf last. Top shelf, straight and no place to accommodate the goods when the trolley is moving. The first shelf, its size is larger than the second shelf. The second shelf, there's a place to hold the goods, although the size is not as big as the lowest shelves. To update this time, first made such shelves shelf bottom. So it will be a lot more load the goods, although the trolley moving.  Created as the lowest shelf, order top shelf can still be given the charge when the trolley is moving. So it will increase the stuff especially in the top shelf.

The construction for this “Vanessa trolley” is knocked down. When the trolley in position full assembled, cubication is 0.39 m3. But when knocked down, cubication about 0.12 m3. The loadability in container 1x20ft around 354pcs with a weight of approximately 20kgs each. For packingnya, use the carton box. Before being included in the carton box, first separated the components made from wood and are made of aluminium casting. For the components of aluminium casting, first with a wrapped white stereofoam to avoid blisters. Then put in the box, and was given the position in order to be sufficiently tackling foam wood components as well as components of aluminium casting does not change. (hilarious). Assembly instruction is also given for each box of his strung with hardware and bolts,and allen key as well, in order making it easier for consumers to do the Assembly of Vanessa trolley by himself.

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