Strong with the experience of WISANKA, as a leader of Indonesia furniture manufacturing and world wide export since 1993, our technicians propose you only the best of our new line of moderngarden and patio furniture.

An excellent choice for your outdoor patio would be metal garden furniture since it’s durable, portable, and also striking. Cast Aluminum furniture is still the mainstay for outdoor furniture in Wisanka. It would last for only a couple of years.  We all know that Aluminum does not rust. Aluminum is considered to be one of the most versatile metals for furniture use. Aluminum itself is a kind of type of metal that is malleable, making it easier to cast. It is nontoxic, nonmagnetic, nonsparking and insoluble in alcohol so it is generally safe for all use. Cast aluminum furniture has become higly desirable and ideal for outdoor furniture use. This is the most important factor while choosing cast aluminum as outdoor furniture.

So far, Cast aluminum outdoor furniture, heavier than its peers. The average of their weight may at a double compared by other furniture. If the furniture going to be heavyweight, its a great idea to put them in a permanent spot of outdoor area and during the winter put a cover over them for protection.

Wisanka outdoor furniture has a varied line of furnishings for your many outdoor uses. There are patio sets, benches, outdoor dining sets, sunbeds ,chairs, tables, and troly. These choices in outdoor furniture come in many different designs and sizes as well as combinations and uses. Here are some of the Wisanka Outdoor Furniture types you can choose from for your outdoor furniture needs:

We make new innovation with contemporary design and aesthetic appeal by creating the good quality products from cast alloy and teak wood material.We try to make products with a simple yet elegant design, of course with a more competitive price.
The strength combination of Aluminum casting & Teak will surely accompany you in enjoying  your outside moment with your beloved family. .


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Trade Expo Indonesia 2017

wisanka indonesia furniture will be one of the biggest participants in the Trade Expo Indonesia 2017 exhibition, visit our exhibition stand and see our special product quality with relatively affordable price. wisanka is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, which has 9 factories to meet the needs of export furniture from indonesia.